9:54 AM

This is how black should look...

Posted by Anthony

Wolfgang Sealant on Wednesday and then I came back on Thursday to do another vehicle and decided to put a coat of Pinnacle Souveran on top. Dang me! I told him that I wanted it to be so black that when he stopped and Darth Vader DIDN'T get out that people would be surprised.

These are with my cell phone again since my wife needed the camera, but someone else was there with a real camera taking better pictures. All I can say is that if you have the option of getting a jet black paint job with zero metal flake in it, then this is definitely a great combination. I would love to see this car in an environment with lots of things to reflect. I can imagine it on a road in the mountains surrounded by trees and being absolutely invisible because of how well it reflects right now. It's like a mirror! I love Wolfgang and Souveran...

It was a triumph for the previously documented engine detailing process with CD2 Engine Detailer too.