12:24 PM

Coming Soon!!!

Posted by Anthony

Is the world ready for OCDetails Mobile Detailing? I'm not talking about a service where I come to your house and shine your car. I'm talking about a mobile app for your Android phone where you can review process documents, product reviews, and access other helpful links! That's right! I'm in the process of creating an app for Android which will allow you to do all those things! Since I'm new to app development, this is a project which could take awhile. Should I be working on the OCDetails.com site instead? Maybe, but I think getting a mobile version live will help just as many people. I think the blog is pretty useful and even the .com site isn't too terrible. It may be ugly, but the processes are still accurate.

So stay tuned for the OCDetails Mobile Detailing app! It won't necessarily be available on the Google Market right away, but it will be available here! Let me know what features you would like to see on it and I'll do what I can to make it happen!