10:44 AM

'55 Chevy

Posted by Anthony

This was under a car cover in the garage of a recent new client. I was working on another car for him and took a peek under the cover. It was in pretty good shape, but it was clear that the paint was oxidizing and it had some work that could be done. Especially on the aluminum under the hood. The before pictures really didn't show much since it was already looking pretty good, but I got a couple that show the problems.

I hit it with the new Meguiar's Ultimate compound I picked up at AutoZone. That polish is a great choice for people looking for a good cutting compound off the shelf. It definitely did the trick on the oxidation. And I used the Wolfgang Metalwerks products to polish up the aluminum to a mirror shine. I really wish I had taken before pictures of that. It was dull and non reflective. Now it shines like new!

Same process on the wheels.



The owner was really happy with the finished result.

Lots of chrome to polish, but it came out looking great! Gotta love Wolfgang on red!