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Other guides...

Posted by Anthony

I've put the three articles I wrote for the full detail into a couple different blogs for easier sharing and viewing. Since this has been primarily a place for me to write the articles I need to write while I'm still trying to find the time to finish a site which has already taken me nearly 6 years to finish (I really should get on that one of these days...) I figure it is not necessarily convenient for people to have to wade through a bunch of stuff they may not necessarily need to know just to get to the guide. So if you are interested in seeing it all in one place, check out one of these sites:

http://guidetodetailing.blogspot.com (I can't believe that was available!!)



Both of these sites contain the full guide to detailing you see on this site. I have the final detailing guide written and just need pictures to accompany it, so that will be posted as soon as spring cleaning begins. Thanks for your patience!!